Group Show Proposal Guidelines:

  • Proposed exhibition title and summary
  • CVs, one for each artist [including Educational Background, and Exhibition History]
  • Artist Bios, one for each artist, 250-word limit each
  • General Artist Statements, one for each artist, 300-word limit each
  • Image index [including Title, Date, Medium, Dimensions, and Thumbnail images]
  • 3-5 images (jpeg) of each artist’s work [each file named, Artist Name_Title]
  • Proposal Summary PPTX including the following slides-

          -1 title slide (including exhibition title, curator’s name, date submitted, and a cover image)

          -1 exhibition summary slide

          -For each artist:

                  -1 biography slide including artist name and 250-word biography

                  -1-2 portfolio slide(s) including 3-5 images of proposed artwork with accompanying 

                     Title, Date, Medium, Dimensions

                  -1 contact Slide: Including the curator’s name, email, phone, and mailing address

*Please review the sample PPTX for additional guidance on formatting

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.